The Next Big Thing

When you’re ready for the next big thing, your unconscious can bring it to your attention in some scary ways. Anger, jealousy, desire, crazy energetic bursts: they’re all here. And the question that we always ask ourselves, is how to move from the uncomfortable FEELING to the satisfied DOING?

Maybe that’s the wrong question.

Maybe what our hearts truly want is to lean into the anger, the desire, the flashes of energy that keep us up at night. Maybe that’s the true “doing” that we avoid, but so desperately need in order to take the next big step.

Can you sit alone in your darkened bedroom with an insane mix of opportunity and fear and passion rumbling in your stomach? Can you give yourself permission to stiffen your shoulders, raise your voice, and spit some fire in order to defend what you believe in, even in a room full of people you know will never listen, let alone change? Can you open yourself to one exceptional moment of sadness, without hiding or blaming the pain on anyone (especially yourself)? Can you truly feel your deeper, stronger, “scarier” self, and the power that comes with you?

What next big thing is hiding within your clenched jaw or waiting to spill down your cheeks in a moment of pure feeling? And are you ready for it? Because I promise that the world is hungering for that version of you EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

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