An open letter to my Nextdoor neighbors

A few things I’d really love to say to the people who post on Nextdoor…

1) So sad that _____ happened to you neighbor! (e.g. someone stole the purse you left in your car with the windows rolled down, your unleashed dog ran off when you left her in the front yard alone, etc.). And yes, I guess everything happens for a reason, but sometimes the reason is that you make bad decisions.

2) Speaking of dogs, when someone posts about a missing dog, and you’re wondering if the dog your sister found two days ago is the same dog, please first compare the photo of the missing dog with the found dog to see if they are remotely the same size, color or breed before posting a photo of the found dog with the comment “is this your dog???” It will save everyone time.

3) The 16-year-old who cut you off at the intersection and then flipped you off when you honked is probably not on Nextdoor, so please stop yelling at the rest of us in all caps, thinking he will read it because HE KNOWS WHO HE IS!!!

4) No one wants to buy your “lightly used” copier/printer/fax for $50.

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