Keep the coupons, hide the emails

Stores like Michaels, Kohl’s and Bed Bath & Beyond will send out great coupons if you’re on their email list. But they’ll also clog up your inbox with an annoyingly large number of promo emails (sometimes up to 5 a day!). And unless you’re fully in the throes of blank notebook syndrome, no one needs that many trips to Michaels.

If you want to keep getting store coupons but don’t want to see the emails, here’s a handy hack for Gmail:

  1. Log in to Gmail from a computer (you can’t do this on your phone or tablet)
  2. Find an email from the store in your inbox and check the checkbox to the left of it.
  3. Click the More Moreicon at the top of your inbox
  4. Select Filter messages like these.
  5. Confirm the email address appears in the “From” section, then click Create filter
  6. Check Skip the Inbox and Mark as read as your actions
  7. Click Create filter

Now, whenever an email from that store comes in, Gmail will automatically archive it and you’ll never see it in your inbox. The next time you head to that store (perhaps to buy supplies for your Saturday tub?) just open your email on your phone and search for the store name. You’ll be able to see all the emails that have been archived and use that snazzy 40% off coupon like a boss.


Some stores might send emails from more than one address, so you might need to set up a few filters over time, but it’s so worth the effort. If you try it, let me know how it goes. And Happy Couponing!

– Jenna

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